How do you see yourself?

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When you look in the mirror, or take a moment of reflection, how do you see “you”?

Do you like or dislike yourself? Are you good or are you bad? Are you a winner or a loser?
I don’t know too many people who actually ask themselves these questions every time they see their reflection or see themselves in the mirror; but should we? Should we take more mini-self evaluations to determine where we are?


Low self-esteem is a problem that I believe many people face. I also believe that having an opinion of yourself of being worthless is a hard nut to crack when trying to recover from a bad situation.  Read More

Who is willing to be the last crab?

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“…like crabs in a basket…”… A derogatory remark, normally associated with a group who is either fighting against each other; or who is trying to hold others in the group back so much so, that there is no chance of progression.

I heard this term used the other day in a sermon at a church meeting. As I was sitting listening, I began to think; Read More

Is there any thing too hard for the Lord?

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Sometimes when we are going through difficulties in life, we ask ourselves, “How am I gonna fix this one?” I suggest the question we should be asking is, “Is there any thing to hard for the Lord?”

This question was posed in the Bible in the book of Genesis 18:14. During this biblical episode a truth is revealed, which is: Read More

What does it take to inspire?

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Do you have the ability to inspire others? I think you do. I do too. ‘Inspire’ is defined as: ‘to encourage or to stimulate somebody to do something–to a greater effort, enthusiasm or creativity. Another interesting definition is ‘to breathe in’.

I think the two definitions go hand in hand. When you encourage someone you are actually speaking life, new energy and ‘oxygen’ into the person you are talking to, allowing him or her to ‘breathe in’ the power they need to continue-on or excel.

We have that ability. Read More

Always ready

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My last duty assignment in the military was with a training unit whose motto was:  “Always Ready”. 

The concept behind the motto: To train toward preparedness for the expected as well as the unexpected.

The 24th chapter of Matthew talks about being “always ready” in regards to another, yet relative way.   Throughout the chapter, the writer talks about being prepared [primarily] spiritually for all scenarios. 

Along with your spiritual preparation, consider being prepared for unexpected opportunities.  Read More

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