Co-Ops Should be a much Bigger Thing

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Co-operatives (co-ops) should be much more of a thing than what they are.  I think that when the government doesn’t want to do its job in helping the citizenry, an opportunity should be afforded to ordinary people.  Through co-ops, they can enter into the marketplace to offer and obtain reasonably priced goods and services, thus hopefully evening the playing field for consumers.

In my opinion, some businesses are way out of line when they charge extra high prices for goods and services during emergencies… AND PANDEMICS.  Considered by some to be commodities; those goods and services are important because they are simply needed to operate in the normal course of living. Businesses should be considerate of their customers Read More

If Laws Applied to Everyone Like They Have Applied to Trump So Far, No One Would Be In Jail

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sketch image of inmates standing in line

There seems to be something very wrong with our legal system.  Trump, and people like him, didn’t just suddenly appear on the earth.  For a very long time now, laws have been applied very differently depending on who you are.

If we have laws, and everyone is expected to follow them; and generally, any ordinary person should be able to understand them; then you should not have to be– nor need acquire a lawyer to reason how those laws will be applied.

Therefore, it is plain and simple bullshit what is and has been going on since this nation has been formed.  If one person Read More