I love Charlotte, NC …and The Carolina Panthers are cool, but…


Let me be clear.  I like sports.  I like football… but not as much as I did years ago…before they did that strike thing way back in the day.  (Yeah, I should let that go, but I still feel a little some type of way about the whole situation.)  However, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about economics,  a city and the people of it—Charlotte, NC.  I lived there not too long ago (and hopefully will be returning to at least live there part time).  I remember the ordinary folk and want to say something about that situation.

Charlotte, The People and Relative Economics

This post is partly about the sale of Carolina Panthers, but mostly about physical changes and perceptions relative to economics that I’d noticed in the city of Charlotte.  There has been a lot of growth in the city recently.  And, along with that growth, I feel there has also been a lot of displacement Read More

Web Cams Jam

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WEb Cams Update:  06/15/2021

So, every now and then the site links break… 😕 Sometimes a staycation means pulling out all stops! Splurge from the comfort of your own home! 😉

Solution:  Give you More links to choose from!  Vid Trips! …
SurfChex Web Cams: https://www.surfchex.com/ 
Explore Live Cams:  https://explore.org/livecams/ 
Earth Cams: https://www.earthcam.com/ 


Updated:  March 23rd —  a beautiful day at the beach!… wish I were there.  Web cams are great!


Updated:  March 18th — it looks kinda of dreary out today from the beach cam… but I really like it.  Calming in a way.  One day, I’m going to drive out to the beach.  Go to this peer.  Turn around.  And, wave at this camera.  #Winning.


Original post:

Sometimes, I travel through web cams.  Recently, I researched this web cam from ‘SurfChex’.  … It was earlier today, March 13, 2017… Can you imagine being there now?  Click on the image or the link below to see a live feed of the Kure Beach, NC cam.

Kure Beach Cam: SurfChex Kure Beach Cam [not linked anymore]