I think Progressives are the Adults in the Room

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Yep, I truly believe that Progressives are the adults in the room called, our country, the USA. While modern day Republicans are the bullies and Democrats are timid and scared, Progressives, for the most part play the role of the adults.

Progressives don’t really want to bothered by the bickering but eventually– we have to engage. The Republicans want to keep all the goodies for themselves and their friends and the Democrats want the same, but pretend that what they want is something for “the people”. Real progressives Read More

Why Can’t We Be Non-Affiliate? Why Do We Even Need Parties?

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image with capture 'Why can't we be non affiliate'

I’m in my mid fifties.  I’ve tried both, Republican and Democrat parties and found them both useless for my intentions and purposes.  I love the Progressive movement and find the Green party to be very similar in mission, but, I’m not too sure I want to join a party.  I’m just not a big fan.

Why can’t we just agree on issues and support candidates who represent our goals and viewpoints? And, when election day comes, that person is the one we ride with.  That would so be the envy of the system!  It would be plain, simple and straight to the point.

I know… I know… Yes. It would be hard to organize without a formal organization being formed; but, on the flip side, let the candidate be the organizer of his campaign and Read More

A Vision and A Plan

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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WarrenI’ve seen where Elizabeth Warren has said that she thinks (in essence), she’d make a better President than Bernie Sanders.   …Note to Elizabeth:  Bernie has a vision, you only have plans. Let’s discuss.  I’m hoping we all can agree that all the current candidates are running on a platform that progressives, lead by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, created for the Democratic party.

I’m also hoping we can agree that not Read More

Don’t Take the Money Bernie!

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Bernie should not take Bloomberg’s money!  He has a strong support of the people.  And simply put, if Bernie takes the money, and loses, then his principles are gone, and the fight would have been for naught.  If Bloomberg wants to spend his money to help Democrats win, he can run commercials with the same energy—minus himself.

This is the lesson the rest Read More

Democratic Elected Officials and the @DNC are Constantly Saying What They CANNOT Do, MOVE!! Get Out The Way.

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Democratic Elected Officials and the @DNC are constantly saying what they can not do. Then, MOVE!!!!!!!! get out the way.

Epilogue:  I think it’s way past the time for the actual truth to come out about our great country and its policies.  I love America, I served in its Armed Forces,  I vote.  Therefore, I think Read More