My thoughtful, perfect solution for ‘Heritage Statues’

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…ok…so I’m not gon’ argue with people about fake history or statues. We all know the south lost; as evidenced by “These United States of America”…

So, I say to their statues, we add a few other statues too. You know, like the nativity scenes of baby Jesus at Christmas–with the wise men, those lil’ sheep and cows, and Joseph and Mary hangin’ around him.

Only these scenes will be different.  These scenes will be their southern heroes surrounded by Union and black Soldiers coming to whoop that arse… “Thew the fog!” (like they said in the movie Glory)…lol

If they want to remember history, then it should and needs to be remembered correctly–not as fantasy or some half-told truth.   I believe this is the correct way to fight against those who try to create false narratives and divide us.  We should stop wasting time, energy and money playing into their game.  Change the rules. Return it to your favor.  Enough is enough.  It’s not a black/white thing.  Neither is it a southern thing.  It’s ignorance.  And ignorance is not bliss.  It’s ignorance.

I know and have met people of many cultures and I generally consider them all as friends.  If I do have a bad experience with someone, I try hard not to attribute it to the entire group.  It’s just that person, or that dude I got a problem with.  It’s time to move on past the noise and start solving real problems… replacing bum-ass congress people as we go; regardless of their party.  If we could do that, change would truly happen.  Agreed?

Ok… that’s my soapbox speech for tonight…now, y’all go to a brother’s website and see some of the other stuff I do 😉 .  Thanks!

Make Them Blink

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(Opinion: DHSpeller)

It is interesting to see what is going on across the nation.  While businesses are making billions in profits, some are still whining about paying taxes.  Furthermore, they seem to have some elected officials on their side as they move to push even more of the burden on workers across America.  Yes, even after Wall Street and banks were bailed out, and they are making all the profits, they still want more.

To put it plainly, business really seems to be trying to push back the labor advances made over the past 100 years.  Read More

How do you see yourself?

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When you look in the mirror, or take a moment of reflection, how do you see “you”?

Do you like or dislike yourself? Are you good or are you bad? Are you a winner or a loser?
I don’t know too many people who actually ask themselves these questions every time they see their reflection or see themselves in the mirror; but should we? Should we take more mini-self evaluations to determine where we are?

Low self-esteem is a problem that I believe many people face. I also believe that having an opinion of yourself of being worthless is a hard nut to crack when trying to recover from a bad situation.  Read More

Who is willing to be the last crab?

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“…like crabs in a basket…”… A derogatory remark, normally associated with a group who is either fighting against each other; or who is trying to hold others in the group back so much so, that there is no chance of progression.

I heard this term used the other day in a sermon at a church meeting. As I was sitting listening, I began to think; Read More