Ensuring the Right to Vote …Every Time

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So, what if you’re not a Republican or a Democrat?  But, you are still an American right?  That means we should have the right to vote in every election.  I’m okay with the Republicans and Democrats putting up their own candidate, but WE THE PEOPLE should say yay or nay on them from the jump; damn waiting until all the other options are gone.  If we vote for them in the General, they should be fair game in the primaries.

This is where I believe major efforts should be a focus right now!  Don’t wait until 2018 or 2020,  work on that now!  Neither party should have any advantage over the American people.  That whole process should be open.  Put all the candidates on stage, let them be heard; then let the people vote.  If we can do it  to vote people off the tv talent shows, we can do it for the preliminary rounds of candidates.  Then when the field narrows, we vote to see who’ll be the Top 4 candidates and on to the General election..  Or something like that …lol.  In any case let’s get it together.   Your comments please. 🙂