Robocalls Must Stop! 😡

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Robocalls must stop!!!  Letting companies make pre-recorded automated calls is one of the worst things that has ever happened in this nation.  That, along with the misleading Medicare/Medicaid commercials on tv.

I thought Klobuchar and Crapo Bill was going to help H.R. 3375 (Stopping Bad Robocalls Act).  But the calls keep coming!

If those calls are going to be made, there should be real representatives on the other end to hear the fury of disturbed people trying to rest and relax but can’t after receiving continued multiple calls even after they’ve requested them to stop.

Why do the calls keep coming?  I’m glad the questioned is asked… probably because someone is stuffing the pockets of elected officials!  I should not have to bear the burden of receiving annoying calls on a phone that I own.  I have a solution.  Make businesses pay a nickel (yes 5 cents) to every number they call.  At least people would be compensated a little for their troubles.  What do you think? 🙂

Let your choice be made known below: Thumbs Up= Get rid of robocalls | Thumbs Down: Keep ’em

“Nothing Will Fundamentally Change”, He Said.

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When candidate Joe Biden in essence said that “nothing would fundamentally change”, I think people should have believed that was what he meant.  If they would have believed him then, it would not be a surprise to them now that the watered down  “Build Back Better Act” was all that was going to be offered in the first place.  He doesn’t seem to be interested in real progressive issues. Nor do I believe he tries hard to pass progressives policies.  President Biden talks a good game in public; but looks like he’s an elbow rubber in private.  I truly hope I am wrong about this, but– that is what it looks like.

So here we are; with the #BuildBackBetter plan headed down the #ObamaCare road of weak legislation #BoughtByBusiness.  I gotta tell you, this is frustrating and disheartening.  DEMOCRATS SEEM TO BE LOSERS JUST LIKE REPUBLICANS… MAYBE NOT AS BIG, BUT LOSERS JUST THE SAME.  AND, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS ALSO A TOOL OF BIG BUSINESS.  There ya’ go, I said it.  …I’ll probably be discussing my opinions on that in future posts. 

For now, let’s continue talking about the Democrats and their disastrous style of leadership.  Democrats start out negotiating with themselves (in a bad way) even before negotiations start.  They seem to be timid and too cautious to speak up boldly for the people they’re supposed to represent; and they give up at the first sign of a legislative fight.  That’s why it puzzles me that #Progressives seem to always feel the need to run as a #Democrat.  Advice: STOP IT!!! It doesn’t work!!!  They disown you every time!  Do your own thing.  And keep doing it until you win.  

I honestly believe many, if not most voters, have gone through the same iterations I did.  The Republican party– they sucked.  The Democrats– they were weak.  That is why I’m nonaffiliated.  I love it and I’m ready to vote for people who are ready to fight for average people.  

The Democratic Party should realize their party is being taken over by Republicans.  I need Progressives to step forward and be progressive–before you get drug down with the Democrats. You know they are going to blame you for any losses and take credit for any wins.  That being said, if you want to add to your ranks, reclaim your energy and power.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone, and don’t compromise.  Make them come to you, instead of you running behind them. Doing so only makes you look weak right now. You represent a large voting block and  you have a year to show people you can govern; and govern well.  You need more progressives –so ask the American people to get more progressives voted into office.  It’s your time.  Do something with it.

~Good Luck, I’m cheering for you.


This Is Why We Must Make Republicans And Democrats Minority Parties In Congress…

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They both technically are Republican, and neither represent the people as they should. I am going to lay this out in its simplest terms because this is how it was revealed to me.  Politics have always been relative to money and power.  But at some point, back in the day, the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, got involved with fighting to end slavery.  Eventually, those in the Democratic party who were fervent in their efforts to deny people their earned rights, took over the Republican party; leaving the Democratic party as a weaker version of the Republican party (because they all didn’t leave). 

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I think Progressives are the Adults in the Room

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Yep, I truly believe that Progressives are the adults in the room called, our country, the USA. While modern day Republicans are the bullies and Democrats are timid and scared, Progressives, for the most part play the role of the adults.

Progressives don’t really want to bothered by the bickering but eventually– we have to engage. The Republicans want to keep all the goodies for themselves and their friends and the Democrats want the same, but pretend that what they want is something for “the people”. Real progressives Read More

“Don’t Boo. Vote.” Time to Make Moves for 2022.

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This is a message to my Progressive circle.  I know the 2020 elections just ended; and are over. But, it ain’t over.  You need to take another vote, mentally.  Stop booing at the two parties and vote with your feet by separating from them.  Don’t ask for permission, don’t argue with them.  Don’t say shit.  Just leave with the full knowledge of knowing that you helped removed Trump, that vulgar grabber; and now you have other matters to attend to. Then go about the business of installing progressives in the House and Senate to do work for the American people.  Think about this… if we challenge both the Republicans and Democrats, and win seats from both, we can create a strong progressive presence in the House and Senate in 2022.  And, frankly, that is actually where the power is and where we need to be.

To start, you don’t have to give yourself a label, or create a party, or do some other thing that will turn out to be busy work to keep Read More