Passing No Cell Phone Use Bills is Not a Good Idea

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I think Lawmakers are sometimes quick to make laws they’ve not fully considered, partly because I don’t think they plan on following them; and they are usually connected in some way to a special interest group.

Passing No Cell Phone Use (for any reason) bills is not a good idea for the following reasons:

  • You need cell phones and mobile devices for GPS.

Most people these days use GPS to navigate. I would imagine more accidents would be caused by people missing turns than anything experienced thus far.

  • Cells phones help people stay connected.

People don’t use house phones/land lines as much as they used to. Cell phones are a primary means of communication.  Saying that you can use a phone on public highways and roads for any reason is…. stupid.

  • Cell phones serve as a way of documenting what happens as you travel.

Needless to say, for many people of color, the cell phone is used to tell the story of what happens behind the scenes after being stopped by the police.  I suspect that a great deal of pressure behind these laws are coming from groups like organizations and groups who want to keep the status quo of not holding police accountable for their actions. They hate being recorded. But, if they won’t change their actions, then laws concerning phones should not be changed. As a matter of fact, if anything, it should be mandatory to record every interaction with police since they have a bad habit of forgetting to turn on the camera they have that’s not supposed to be off anyway.

Yes, people should pay attention while they drive to keep from being distracted. But, there are laws already on the books to handle accidents.  Use those.

Also, I really do want positive interactions to happen between the public and the police–but things happen.  And, until police get out of the mindset that they are some kind of military special forces, problems will occur.

But, as far as the cell phone goes, they are here; everybody uses them; and you can’t stop or arrest everyone. If anything, before making laws like this, they should be put on the voting ballot for a vote by the people. Tell me what you think.

History, Culture, Life. Now is the Time for Change.

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I was sitting and thinking today that if there were a time for black people to  learn about history, culture and life, now would be that time.  With modern technology, so much is available at your fingertips.

Even if people are trying to lie and keep the truth from you, you can find it.  Even if mama and ’em never said another word about the past, so much truth is crying out from everywhere that it is undeniable. Now, is a wonderful time of opportunity and discovery.

Of course you can’t believe every single thing you read on the internet; and things have to be researched and verified, but just simply being exposed to so much knowledge and information is  simply amazing.

In many of our conversations, I think we get side tracked and focus on the wrong things.  Even when distractions are plentiful when in the effort of some trying to hide the truth–knowledge is still there. Right in front of our faces.

For instance, even though some conservatives like the Florida Governor, don’t want you to learn about the civil rights activities  of circa 1954, if we just do the math– that was only 69 years ago.

The Truth is many, many people are alive who are 69 years old… and much older. So the question is, did they take part in the discrimination against black folk, or were they allies?

And what are they thinking now?  Lots of smiling in your face, but little done to improve economic, political and judicial injustices.

Many of our politicians are from that era.  Is the culture and tradition from that time affecting and effecting their decisions being made today? This is why it is imperative for us to get out and vote.  Find the most progressive, forward thinking person you can and put them in office.

And how about the police officers and judges?  Surely we need to make changes to that system. Many laws on the books were inadvertently, and I believe some deliberately, made with malice toward blacks and people of color.  All of that needs be changed. Correction.  Must be changed.

Now is the time to do it.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that tinkering around the edges hasn’t gotten us far–and it seems like lately, we’ve been losing ground.

Everything is in place.  It’s time for a big push.  Let’s make positive changes to make this a better nation for everyone.

If you have a platform, use it to discuss issues and bring attention to things that really matter.  Often on social media platform, accounts get deleted, and algorithms dilute voices.  So every voice can play a part or role.  If you’d like to contribute content or show support, reach out and let’s talk.  It’s time for positive change!

Patrick Braxton: Black Mayor in Alabama 2023

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Image from Website about Unseated black Mayor

Image: Capital B website photo

I ran across this story today about a black mayor name Patrick Braxton in Alabama who was blocked from being seated.  This story made me feel all the wrong things, and then I had questions.

  1. Where was the local, state and federal law enforcement?
  2. Where were the glorious civil rights leaders and attorneys?
  3. And why is it taking so long?

The election was in 2020 and it is now 2023, and this guy is still looking for a town to run.  This type of harassment and what appear to be election violations.

The story was an interesting read, but I have so many questions that still remain.


Story by: Aallyah Wright

So… ok 5 years Investigating and they finally found something on Hunter…

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image of invstigation file

Five years of investigating Hunter Biden is done. So, now let’s take a look at Trump and his kids…who actually “worked” for the Federal Government. These mainstream media reporters are the worst reporters in the world. I know a few kids who could ask more relevant questions. Most of them seem to go for the easy take down but don’t challenge republicans at all.. I wonder why?

I hope the #DOJ, FBI, and others keep that same energy when investigating #Senators and #Congresspersons involved in the #Jan6 #Insurrection, and any questionable money scams and schemes they may be associated with.

Five years investigating… and the Republicans want to waste more money on the “Bidens” but not the “Trumps”. This is bullshit. I hope all the #Republicans get voted out come November2024.

I’m Tired of Political Grifting

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image of cartoon lady with a question mark wondering about a political email she received

I’m tired of political grifting from Republicans.  But, I’m tired of it from Democrats too.  I get more and more emails from organizations supposedly concerned about issues I care about. And at the end of the email or survey, there’s always a “how’s about sending us $5 dollars” pitch.

🤔…How’s about elected officials do their damn jobs, and stop begging for money?  We elect them, pay them, and send them to Washington to vote to pass good legislature for the people–and yet what they seemingly do is fund raise.

If they actually focused on their jobs to write legislature to make things better for workers and regular people–they’d more than likely be re-elected!

Again, they get paid good–decent salaries, are afforded budgets for travel and have excellent health care… and yet, they are still begging for money.  Enough. Of. This. Bullshit.  I don’t know what the damn “political action groups” are for other than further grifting.  I thought that was why we voted. The citizenry has been patiently waiting for politicians to do the right things.  And I know they see the hammer coming down, cause a lot of them are trying to git while the gittin’s good.  But there are others who can’t resist the grifting until there’s nothing left.

I’m hoping 2024 will be the year the people decide it’s time to clean out all the grifters. Because you can’t have good government until you get good or at least decent people running it.  That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to vote wisely and for your interest.

Listen, the government is supposed to be by the people, of the people, and for the people.  I like progressives because through my years of growth and evolution, I’ve noticed they are the ones who at least try to speak for the people.  Like Bernie Sanders, Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush.   There are others, but the ones I mentioned are memorable to me for getting active.  And that’s what we need.

I caution voters against people like Krysten Sinema,  Joe Manchin, and Tricia Cotham…and ALL Republicans and conservatives.  You don’t want people who are going to sink or delay good legislature that will help people.  Sure, I believe there is a time and place for some moderation… like in reckless driving, public endangerment (drunk and disorderly conduct, brandishing and intimidating others with an assault rifle) or things like that, but in areas of personal choices –the government should have limitations.

The government should always look out for the interest of the people.   The corporate world will do fine without lacky politicians.  They did well even when the corporate tax rate was over 50%!  Lobbyists are there to do the bidding for corporations.  The elected officials are supposed to be there to represent the people.

So, getting back to the topic of political grifting, there shouldn’t be any–at all.  There should not be any organization sending out emails and text messages to old people asking them for money to keep Congress from cutting their Social Security or other Medicare benefits.  There shouldn’t be police auxiliary organizations calling up people asking for benevolent funds from people they don’t even want or intend to serve.

There shouldn’t be  Veteran support organizations calling asking for funds to “help Veterans” …when the VA SHOULD CLEARLY GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER IN THE CLAIMS DEPARTMENT TO PROVIDE MONEY for injuries veterans say they have suffered from years of service. If anything the VA should have to prove that injuries were not service related instead of the Veteran having to prove that they were.

We pay taxes–in one way or another, for all of these things.  And if the money was actually used for what it was intended instead of slush funds and secret operations, then the country would be a much better place.

Stop grifting and scamming people.  It’s not a good look.  And it’s all slowly going to come crashing down.  There is nothing new under the sun–only lessons to be learned.