Politics: We Must Make Republicans And Democrats Minority Parties In Congress…

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In my opinion, since both the Democratic Party and Republican Party included many conservatives who were against civil liberties of all people; they both technically are Republican, and neither represent the people as they should.

I am going to lay this out in its simplest terms because this is how it was revealed to me.  Politics have always been relative to money and power.  But at some point, back in the day, the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, got involved with fighting to end slavery.  Eventually, those in the Democratic party who were fervent in their efforts to deny people their earned rights, took over the Republican party; leaving the Democratic party as a weaker version of the Republican party (because they all didn’t leave). 

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I think Progressives are the Adults in the Room

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Yep, I truly believe that Progressives are the adults in the room called, our country, the USA. While modern day Republicans are the bullies and Democrats are timid and scared, Progressives, for the most part play the role of the adults.

Progressives don’t really want to bothered by the bickering but eventually– we have to engage. The Republicans want to keep all the goodies for themselves and their friends and the Democrats want the same, but pretend that what they want is something for “the people”. Real progressives Read More

“Don’t Boo. Vote.” Time to Make Moves for 2022.

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This is a message to my Progressive circle.  I know the 2020 elections just ended; and are over. But, it ain’t over.  You need to take another vote, mentally.  Stop booing at the two parties and vote with your feet by separating from them.  Don’t ask for permission, don’t argue with them.  Don’t say shit.  Just leave with the full knowledge of knowing that you helped removed Trump, that vulgar grabber; and now you have other matters to attend to. Then go about the business of installing progressives in the House and Senate to do work for the American people.  Think about this… if we challenge both the Republicans and Democrats, and win seats from both, we can create a strong progressive presence in the House and Senate in 2022.  And, frankly, that is actually where the power is and where we need to be.

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Listen Closely– People Can Vote for Who They Want

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It’s that time again. Democrats are starting to blame other people for their failures, and possibly the ones coming in November. So, I’m here to give my opinion on the matter.  I’m here for that.  But first, a few housekeeping notes.

  1. In my opinion, Republicans are low grade criminals. They should all be voted out and all of them should be held accountable for disastrous policies that the nation currently operates under.
  2. Democrats are also liable. They try to give the appearance of operating above board but have criminal tendencies as well.
  3. I am a non-affiliate voter and am an astute observer of the process. And, what I have observed so far, I don’t like.

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Don’t Take the Money Bernie!

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Bernie should not take Bloomberg’s money!  He has a strong support of the people.  And simply put, if Bernie takes the money, and loses, then his principles are gone, and the fight would have been for naught.  If Bloomberg wants to spend his money to help Democrats win, he can run commercials with the same energy—minus himself.

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