Report on Progress made

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I was sent this link in an email from  It is kind of a recap of all the efforts made since President Obama has taken office.

Check this information against all the other information that’s out there.  Besides listening to the various media outlets, going to actual government sites to check the data and statistics is also a good thing.  I believe we have to be more aware of all the information to actually get the real picture.  I encourage you to get active BeFore the next election so that you won’t be caught up in the hype.

Yeah, it is fun with the debating and campaigning, but FACTs really need to be a part of your decision making process as well.

Quick Post:: President Subtly Tells the Rich to Suck It Up


Official White House Photo by:: Pete Souza

I just watched the weekly Presidential video  address.  The President is starting to make his case as to why the middle class should get a tax cut, but the rich/wealthiest 2% should not.  Watch video: 

 The message I got: “Uh… no tax cuts for the top 2% of the Wealthiest Americans…suck it up and drive on.”  

I have recently heard the Republican tout about a message or mandate they think they have been given in the recent election on 2 November; but failed (for 2 years) to recognize the same mandate the Democrats had been given in previous elections of 2008 and 2006. Read More

I Don’t Get Polls

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I was looking at an article about recent poll information on the Yahoo website. [Link no longer available]

Observation 1:  Why is it that whenever pollsters poll, nobody ever asks me anything?

Observation 2:  And, when I’m reading the poll data or commentary, it seems skewed in its explanation.

For instance in the Yahoo article, the first thing you read is that ‘Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama’.  First of all, the article should read: ‘of Americans polled, the Majority ”…blah, blah, blah.” Read More