Reasons Why Progressives Should Run The House and Senate, Forever.

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Image From Original Progressive Party Trinidad & Tobago

Image: Drawing fr Progressive Party Trinidad & Tobago

Taking Congress over from the Republicans and Democrats forever, should be a goal for every Progressive. I believe Progressives have the right mind set and intent to govern for the people.  Whereas, the Republicans and Democrats have proven their intentions to govern for corporate America for the past 50 years.  Therefore, I’m making a case for Progressive governing.  I’m sure there are so many more reasons, but, this is a good start… Read More

“Don’t Boo. Vote.” Time to Make Moves for 2022.

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This is a message to my Progressive circle.  I know the 2020 elections just ended; and are over. But, it ain’t over.  You need to take another vote, mentally.  Stop booing at the two parties and vote with your feet by separating from them.  Don’t ask for permission, don’t argue with them.  Don’t say shit.  Just leave with the full knowledge of knowing that you helped removed Trump, that vulgar grabber; and now you have other matters to attend to. Then go about the business of installing progressives in the House and Senate to do work for the American people.  Think about this… if we challenge both the Republicans and Democrats, and win seats from both, we can create a strong progressive presence in the House and Senate in 2022.  And, frankly, that is actually where the power is and where we need to be.

To start, you don’t have to give yourself a label, or create a party, or do some other thing that will turn out to be busy work to keep Read More

Why Can’t We Be Non-Affiliate? Why Do We Even Need Parties?

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image with capture 'Why can't we be non affiliate'

I’m in my mid fifties.  I’ve tried both, Republican and Democrat parties and found them both useless for my intentions and purposes.  I love the Progressive movement and find the Green party to be very similar in mission, but, I’m not too sure I want to join a party.  I’m just not a big fan.

Why can’t we just agree on issues and support candidates who represent our goals and viewpoints? And, when election day comes, that person is the one we ride with.  That would so be the envy of the system!  It would be plain, simple and straight to the point.

I know… I know… Yes. It would be hard to organize without a formal organization being formed; but, on the flip side, let the candidate be the organizer of his campaign and Read More