Gloria Edmunds-Personal Development

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Dr. Gloria Edmunds is a motivational speaker, personal development coach, consultant and author who concentrate on the promotion and development of accepting responsibility for oneself from childhood throughout adulthood.


Business/Organization:  Gloria Edmunds-Personal Development
Address:  Raleigh, NC

Dr. Edmunds’s professional activities center on these three areas:

  • Conducting workshops for different groups involving both youths and adults on such topics as:

“Promoting the Life Skill of Accepting Responsibility for Oneself”

“Accepting Responsibility: Preparing Teenagers and Young Adults for the Challenges of Adulthood”

“Accepting Responsibility: Becoming an Effective Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Your Life”

“The Role of Accepting Responsibility for Oneself in Success and Happiness”

“Mentoring Students, Love Ones, and Others on Accepting Responsibility for Oneself”

  • Promoting her book, Accepting Responsibility for Oneself, which can be purchased on her website at or at Amazon!

Dr. Gloria Edmunds is a licensed psychologist with over thirty-five years of experience. Her educational background includes a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Clinical Psychology and master’s degrees in both psychology and education from Virginia State University. Additional information about Dr. Edmunds and her services can be obtained at her website at

Etiquette by Genea

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Have you ever wanted to improve your knowledge about etiquette for special events and occasions? You know… things like: which fork to use, what to do with your napkin, when to leave… and the list goes on and on.  Well, Genea will have just the answers to help you out!

If you want to contact her to find out those answers and more, use the contact form below!



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