Healthier Eating: The Boiled Egg Sandwich

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What count’s as healthier eating?  I guess any change is good–even small ones.  For me, it was a boiled egg and cheese sandwich sometimes instead of a fried egg and cheese sandwich.  It was actually surprisingly good.  It was fresh and felt lighter on my stomach.  So basically I cut up a boiled egg into slices and laid them out on a slice of bread and added a little salt and pepper; covered by a single slice of cheese.

I also heated it slightly to melt the cheese and wow, very good.  I’ve also replaced sodas at large with a carbonated flavored water in a can. The cranberry and blackberry flavors are the best I think.

Little changes like this could lead to healthy gains for you over time.  You’re putting yourself in a place where you can still enjoy the things you like only in a healthier dose.  Enjoy!

The SnapChat Rush

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So, what do I think about Snapchat?  Well, I’m glad that they are doing well in the market.  Kudos.  If I had the cash to put in the stock, I’d heavily consider getting some.  But, as a tool for business or just general use, I just don’t get it.

The concept is easy enough to understand.  You post and share stuff that disappears in 24 hours; but why would you?  It just seems shady.  Almost like a pressure salesman or petulant child that wants you to look at them now, or not at all.  I mean, I don’t even get around to looking at the stuff I NEED to look at in 24 hours most of the time.    That’s why most standards are “3 to 5 business days”.   And what do you do when someone doesn’t get to see the stuff you posted?  Do you repost it, and call up your peeps and say “look at it now, now!  Before it goes away!?

So, no.  I don’t use it.  I don’t want that kind of pressure or rush coming from all sides; and then having to answer the question “Did you see my snapchat?”  with a reply of  “nah… I think something was wrong with my phone…

Sounds cool though.  I just like living life in the slower lane; with a 140 characters.  😉


Twitter v. Instagram et al

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Image: Google Twitter/Instagram

Although I can use both, I struggled with which platform to use more, Twitter or Instagram.  Ladies and gentleman, the undisputed champ in my book is ….. TWITTER!

There’s a lot to be said in 140 characters.  Just ask POTUS-DT.  (Smile)… Okay, I couldn’t resist.   But seriously folks, I consider the platform way more versatile than Instagram.  That’s why I can’t figure out why people ask me if I have Instagram.  Wait.  Maybe they Read More

Is Social Media in Your Business DNA?

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We know that in general, people like to share.  It predates the now social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Writing letters, taking pictures, telephone conversations and home movies were then the platforms of the day.  Sharing is sharing.

What is interesting to note is that everybody doesn’t like to share in the same way or at the same level.   Some people like to talk about the success or failure of others they know—without saying a word about themselves.  While others can’t stop telling about themselves and Read More