Taking it all in… Government. Economy. Media

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I’ve been sitting back watching everything.  Taking it all in…  Government, economy, media, police, politicians, people.  One thing is clear.  Things are not okay.  And, although things look very dark, right now; I personally believe things are going to change soon–for the better.

Not because of things the present people in the White House are doing; but, more despite what they are doing.  It is clear, the president and his followers want to take America back to an “Again” place in American history… which, many I believe most are not trying to revisit.

What we can do, and what we should do in America, right now—is Read More

Sweet Potato Pie True Story…

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[reblog of a facebook post] …sigh… so, I had tried a store-bought sweet potato pie a couple of weeks ago–and, ey, it wasn’t that great…then I tried a pumpkin pie..cause you know… all the pumpkins are out and er’thang… and then to-day… Today I tried a Pattie LaBelle Sweet Potato pie ?….??…mann…lemme tell Read More