Good Job Georgia

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Georgia!  You did it.  All of you pulled together to pick a candidate that will hopefully represent the state well.  Now, we in North Carolina need to finish our job as well.  Getting rid of the Republican majority to help Governor Cooper is the best thing we can do.

My philosophy, it is always better to have and not need; than to need and not have.  Conservatives don’t seem to understand that having liberties to do is a good thing.  Therefore, you can choose to do or not to do a thing.  Restricting access to resources always leads to problems, issues, and subverting the law.  And subversion is usually done by the very people who put the laws in place.

I applaud you for you actions and for the courage you all have shown in overcoming roadblocks Republicans and conservatives intended for your downfall.

…Now if Florida and the rest of the south could…

The Reason I Talk Junk about Democrats is Because, I Want Them to Do Better

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I want Democrats to do so much better than they have done over the past 40 years. From what I’ve seen from the majority of Democrats is the willingness to fight against #Progressives and others who might be to the left of them. But that same energy does not exist in fights with Republicans.  

They are more apt to try to prove their conservatism than to show a willingness to vote for progressive legislation for the American people. And then comes the handwringing.

If you learn nothing more, nor do anything else—leave Progressives alone. There is a reason I am no longer a Democrat or Republican. I am not a fan of the two-party modal. It is disturbing to see progressive candidates vilified. I’m also sad to see Progressives and Independents run as Democrats. Please stop. The primaries is technically your time to shine. Even if Republicans and Democrats don’t want to give you oxygen in their rooms, take it! Get online. Use all the social medias. Ask your supporters for a ‘post’ or a ‘re-post’ instead of just going for the cash.  

What candidates want and need is traction. A re-blog or a re-post would both encourage the supporter to learn more about the candidate and show support for the candidate. Two years until the next election, use every second wisely. 

For the record, some of these people in the Democratic Party lost their race in 2022 because people didn’t know where they stood. A Democratic Republican look-a-like isn’t worth electing for many. 

Tim Ryan…? In My Opinion, Ohio Needs Rank Choice Voting like Alaska

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By wooing and chasing Republicans, #TimRyan seems like he wants to support #Corporate/#Business America rather than the actual people. 😒 [side eye] Why Tim? You’re looking like a wannabe Republican.  Once you head down that road, it’s hard for some of us to take you seriously.

You do know that the people are the ones who will keep you in office right?  If I were an Independent or Progressive I would not be rushing to the polls to support you.

That is why I think Rank Choice Voting would benefit Ohio greatly.  Not only Ohio though, I think the nation would benefit greatly from a voting system like that.  In essence, you would write down your first, second, and third candidates in the order of your preference.  And, as the votes are tallied, depending on the percentage of votes received someone will eventually emerge that should be a consensus candidate amongst voters.  It might be decided in the 1st round; but most assuredly by the 3rd round.

Alaska recently used rank choice voting to elect Peltola over Palin in their runoff election.  After the election was done, most people seemed to agree that the process was simple and the outcome, fair.  And, Palin walked off into the sunset for the time being.

Let’s consider this type of voting for the entire nation.  Imagine we could technically even the playing field for independent candidates who are not backed by a major political party like the Republicans or Democrats.  People could here their message and decide if they should be given a chance to represent their community or state.  It’s time for change.  Let’s make it happen.



Google Search on Rank Choice Voting

November 3rd is Just The Beginning…

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Some folks think they can rest after they vote on November 3rd. I actually think it’s the beginning of a new era. The administration, regardless of who wins, needs to be held accountable. And we, the people, can do it. Yes, we can.

Though, the total vote count might not be in, we should still get an idea about State and local leaders that have been elected. Then, we can start addressing important issues like healthcare, medical debt and education… etc. etc. etc.

Being unaffiliated, political parties don’t mean a lot to me. I’m more interested in policy. — So the mission has started.  The question is, will we continue, with loud voices, to say what the people need and want.

Listen Closely– People Can Vote for Who They Want

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It’s that time again. Democrats are starting to blame other people for their failures, and possibly the ones coming in November. So, I’m here to give my opinion on the matter.  I’m here for that.  But first, a few housekeeping notes.

  1. In my opinion, Republicans are low grade criminals. They should all be voted out and all of them should be held accountable for disastrous policies that the nation currently operates under.
  2. Democrats are also liable. They try to give the appearance of operating above board but have criminal tendencies as well.
  3. I am a non-affiliate voter and am an astute observer of the process. And, what I have observed so far, I don’t like.

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